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Huliaipole - city in the Zaporizhia region. Located on the River Haynur, bordered by Dnipropetrovsk region (in the north) and Donetsk (east). Huliaipole founded in 1785 as an outpost. Since 1938 Huliaipole has city status. The population is 14,556 inhabitants as of 2011. The city area is 23.1 sq. km. Climate steppe, temperate. Tangible summer is hot, winter is mild, not too frosty.
In Gulyaypole can feel wonderful combination of ancient and modern, majestic and turbulent history of the present.
Huliaipole famous for its museum, its exterior ment exposure. Downtown impressive historical architecture. A schoserpnya Festival held in music and literature MahnoFest which, unfortunately, since 2009 no longer produced.
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75 Lenin st, city Huliaipole, Zaporizhzhia region
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(06145) 4-10-56
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75 Lenin st, city Huliaipole, Zaporizhzhia region
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(06145) 4-12-54
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