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Mykhailivka - a village in the Zaporizhia region, located in Vilnyansk area, 12 km away. from oblasnho center. Mykhailivka formed at the end of the VIII. The name comes from another village Mykhailivka that North Slobidska is displaced from Slobozhanshchina formed a new village. Population Mihajlovka just over 2000 inhabitants. Rural area is 2.737 sq. km. Climate steppe, temperate.
Around 7 Mykhailivka found mounds of the Bronze Age (III-I centuries BC). A little further from the village, near the villages EDMONTON Vilnoandriyivky excavated and 2 Parking Paleolithic times (late II millennium BC. E.).
The village has a public museum where you can learn about the history Mykhailivka. In the village there is brotherly grave of Soviet soldiers monument Slobodchikov OT, Hero of the Soviet Union, and home culture.
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