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Tokmak - city in the Zaporizhia region. The city lies on the River Tokmak and is the administrative center of the district.
Tokmak was founded as early 1784, but then it was a village that was called Big Tokmak. Status of Great Tokmak was in 1938. The population according to the May 1, 2013 is 32,947 persons. The city area is 32.46 sq. km. The climate of the steppe, temperate. Summer is hot, winter is mild.
When excavations conducted near several mounds have been found buried since the Bronze Age (3-1 millennium BC), indicating that the settlement Tokmak area at a time.
The city operated recreation center, 3 libraries and city museum with fourteen rooms exposures. Also worth visiting the monastery of st. Ambrose of Optina, which has a rich history, and what is still happening Worship.
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