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Crimea, Kerch city
N: 45.342795
E: 36.467386
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Pantikapaion - Greek polis , which existed on the site of modern Kerch , capital of the Bosporus.

Some ancient sources claim that in Pantikapaion born Hercules - the legendary progenitor of the Scythians and teukriv .

During the Argonauts son Eeta pursuing Elin who stole Medea and the Golden Fleece , came from Colchis , with possessions of his father, on the shore of the Bosporus Cimmerian . Here he received from the Scythian king Ahaeta of land and founded Pantikapaion . This pantikapeytsi reported that the city name is taken from the name of the river Pantikapaion ( mentioned by Herodotus ), which demarcates land Scythian farmers from the land Scythian nomads. The name of the river Panticapaeum as the name of the city associated with the god Pan , the face is often depicted on coins Pantikapaion.

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