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Attendance: 2230 raise

Excursion to the fore "Hustyntsi"

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Lviv, Lviv region, Ukraine
The cost < 50 uah
200 UAH. + 08.10 uah / person. (Tickets). Duration - 2 hours


This miniature journey carried out on a piece of the old city. However, this piece of ancient Lviv - very amusing rich local history - historical, architectural, aesthetic. Interesting facts, perspectives and surprises await tourists at every step: it bourgeois palace and stone, courtyards and fountains, galleries and cellars, spiral staircases and miniature mazes, pavers and beautiful facades and buildings Kaleidoscope - different in their purpose, aesthetic and historical content. Tradition and Invention Renaissance and Classicism, dolphins and lions, legends and byvalschiny - all on a miniature field. This kind of tour-provocation, as guided trail runs in the area that does not exceed the square of 70 × 70 m,
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