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Lviv Historical Museum

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Lviv, Lviv region
N: 49.842425
E: 24.032804
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Among the famous museums, which keep the monuments of ancient culture belongs to the Lviv historical Museum. Its creation falls in 1893. This Museum is one of the oldest in Ukraine.

The Museum contains within its walls more than 300 000 items which show visitors history of Lviv and Galicia land from ancient times to modern times.

The Museum Fund comprises more than 300 thousand units.

on may 8, 1940, Lviv Historical Museum and the national Museum. Jan III were merged into one institution - the Lviv history Museum.

Today it contains more than 300 thousand exhibits. The most significant collections of the Museum - archaeological materials, tools, products of Lviv Guild masters, works of art, ancient coins, orders and medals, weapons.

In the Royal halls of the house on the Market square, 6, exhibition of historical treasures, including furniture, watch the 18th century, the collection of artistic silver, unique collection of ancient orders etc.

The Department of the history of the Liberation struggle in Ukraine is represented at the exhibition in hall 4 at Market square. Its exposition demonstrates the Ukrainian military monuments of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen of the times world war II, the Ukrainian Galician Army, documents of the underground organizations - the Ukrainian Military Organization (UMO)of the organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) interwar time, complexes materials - leaflets, badges Fighting Fund, underground publications, which tell of the struggle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the armed underground organization of Ukrainian nationalists, the Ukrainian division «Galychyna» - 1-UD - UNA, materials of the Ukrainian Main Liberation Rada (UGRIC).

Days and opening hours:the Museum is open daily from 10 to 18 hours.

Day off - Wednesday.

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