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Museum of the Liberation Struggle in Lviv

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Lviv, Lviv region
N: 49.843172
E: 24.04158
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The cost < 50 uah
Admission: adults - UAH 4, children - 2 USD.


In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army was the opening of the Muse. the liberation struggle in Lviv.

To find the building of the Museum is not difficult, because it is situated on a beautiful and famous street Lysenko, under the house number 23. It is near the Park of the «Ascension».

The exposition of the Museum in chronological sequence reveals the basic stages of the struggle for an Independent Ukrainian State, and covers the period from the late 19th to the beginning of the 90s of XX century

Attractions exhibition of the Department help visitors better understand the complex and tragic pages of our history, the sacrifice of the best sons and daughters of our nation, which, despite all obstacles, fought, and died, but not knelt down before the enemy, and received the Ukrainian State.

Visitors can familiarize with several rooms. In the first and second halls are lit the first stage of the struggle for the sovereignty of the Ukrainian lands, from sports-gymnastic youth organizations «Sokol» and «Sich», whose main objective was to upbringing physically healthy and nationally conscious Ukrainian youth of Halychyna and Bukovyna. Pictures, documents, fragments of arms raised in the area of fighting USS mount top of brightly reveal the history of USS. In the second hall the presentations and the weapon of soldiers of the Ukrainian Galician Army, the building of the Kyiv Riflemen from the collection of the former Museum of military history monuments in Lviv (1937 - 1939) In the third room contains documents and materials of the interwar period.

A significant place in the exposition is devoted to the materials reminding about bullying and repression in Western Ukraine, the plight taken Greek Catholic priests of the Ukrainian intelligentsia.

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