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Zolochivske reservoir

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Zolocev city, Zolochevsky district, Lviv region
N: 49.810518
E: 24.901344
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Built in 1960-1961. Located at a distance of 3 km from the industrial area of Zolochiv sugar factory in the North-Western part of t.Zolocheva.

Reservoir was built for industrial water supply LLC "Zolochivahro". The main source of filling the reservoir is the river Zolochivka left tributary of the Western bug.

It is subordinate to the LLC «Zolochivahro».

Type of reservoir - ruslove.

Depth: average at NDL - 1,3 m

Depth: maximum at a NIR and 2.8 m.

Length at NDL - 1,67 km.

Average width 0,675 km.

Infrastructure, Entertainment, Sports

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