Mykolaiv will soon be recognized as the oldest city in Ukraine.


Such claims are caused by new archaeological research in the territory of modern Mykolaiv. Existence is on the peninsula, where a modern city Nikolaev, an old port city is the basis for the revision date of the founding of the city.Currently, according to some estimates is considered the oldest city of Ukraine Kyiv. But we must understand that the objectivity of the data could be better. Because we are dealing with a long history that has very large errors in time.

The earliest history of the area where is located Nikolaev, related to the events in the southern hotspots of the modern city - Vitovtsi. These lands, according to research archaeological sites were inhabited from Iron age. There were states of Cimmerians or Scythians left behind mounds.

From the IV century Greeks settled here, which starts near the famous lighthouse and villages Siversovoho Lupareve and estuaries.

At 200 400 years BC. f being traced ancient Slavs - Ants.

At night the Late Bronze Age (XII-VIII centuries. BCE. BCE) on the site of modern Nikolaev has been huge for those times the city that is not inferior size even legendary Troy. At the confluence of the Southern Buh Ingul found the remains of a fortified settlement, which became part of modern scientific works under the name "Wild Garden" as it was called in their language founding is not known. However, researchers have proposed a settlement is identified with the same "city of men Cimmerian" in question in the episode "Odyssey" of Homer (recorded in VII. BCE. BCE) that tells of the journey of Odysseus to the edge of the world.

Based on the findings, the researchers point out, quite rightly argued that the settlement "Dykyysad" was the city of Kladno VMS social organization and the beginnings of statehood, a kind of "capital" of the area from the Danube to the Dnieper and viduzberezhzhya the Black Sea to the north of modern Nikolaev, Odessa and Kherson regions partially . But these lands in the second millennium BC. elements were fairly densely populated - now, more than 1000 towns and settlements of different sizes. So the land was not able to put a ship well armed soldiers.Therefore, some scholars even suggest the participation of soldiers "Wild Garden" in the Trojan War.

The practice of creating change dates bridge is common in the world. Therefore, a special appeal was revised age of Kyiv, Mykolaiv and soon will be recognized as the oldest city in Ukraine.