Wieś w regionie kamień Żytomierzu


Stone village - a monument of nature, geological reserve of national importance.Located near the village of Ore-Zamyslovytska Olevskyy district, Zhytomyr region. It is a cluster of large boulders.

There are two hypotheses about the emergence of the tract. According to one, 20 thousand years ago glacier boulders were brought, on the other - they are the remains of ancient foot completely missing the mountains, bare glacier on soil layers.

From natural boundary associated with numerous legends and beliefs of local residents.

The name "Stone Village" arose from one such legend tells how once in the forest was rich village. Once he passed through old clothes to the poor and asked for bread in a rich owner of the yard. He waved a hand at him, "Go, man, I never." The old man, who was the Lord Himself, who came down to earth in the village, and the village looked suddenly petrified. On one of the rocks, where he rested, left a huge mark bare feet.

Another legend tells of a battle that took place on the site between God (in the form - Jesus) and the dark forces. After a long battle, Satan was defeated on the rocks were deep scratches from his claws. God, who is returning to heaven, stepped a few steps on the stone and leave footprints.

Many stones really shape resembling farmhouses, there is a "square" with "school", and even "church." Often tourists visit the rock with "traces of God", it is specially deputed ladder. In the belief that "footprint" that gives pilgrims health and exercise desires.