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Mariupol - a city of regional importance in the Donetsk region. On the shore of the Azov Sea, in the south of Donbass, on the verge of merging two steppe rivers - Kalchyk and Kalmius located Mariupol.Za city by Catherine II in 1778, was founded Mariupol. Originally town was named Pavlov. In 1779, the city was inhabited by Greeks and immigrants from the Crimea and renamed Mariupol. Population of the city is 477,9 thousand people. Mariupol with geographical location and Boasting fertile lands, marine resources, minerals, attracted to his Russian and Ukrainian. Mariupol - the city of steel (Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, "Iron & Steel Works" and machine-building enterprise "AzovMash"). But the impression created Soviet era. In fact the city is very green and beautiful with its unique nature. In the Azov coast near Bilosarayska braids rare species of gulls, which you will not see on the Canaries. Channels «Discovery» and «Animal planet» are competitors for permission to remove the materials in these parts.
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90 Ordzhonikidze st, city Mariupol, Donetsk region
50-100 uah
+38 (0629) 22-13-95, 23-12-85
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6 Korolenko av, city Mariupol, Donetsk region
200-250 uah
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3 Admiral Lunin Ave, city Mariupol, Donetsk region
250-300 uah
38 ( 0629) 40-02-34, 37-10-72
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