Rivne region. Vacation

Rivne region - a region in Ukraine, located in the northwest of the country. 
The area of ​​the region is 20.1 thousand km ². Population 1 154.2 thousand. Center area - the city of Rivne. The region December 4, 1939.
Rivne - European monopoly basalt.
A total of 171 River region has a length of 10 km. They all belong to the basin of the Dnieper. On the territory of Rivne region is located: 1088 archaeological monuments (including - 20 of national importance), 1761 historical monuments, 352 monuments of architecture and urban planning (including - 109 National Importance), 84 of monumental art. Worth visiting the seven wonders of Rivne region, including: Narrow Gauge Railroad Antonivka Zarichne (Volodymyretzh, Zarichne areas) Tarakaniv fort (Dubno district), Historical and Cultural Complex of Jail, Reserve Golf Berestechko battle (p. Plyasheva Radyvyliv District), Holy Trinity Monastery (in Koretz), Castle Princes Lubomirski (in Dubna), Holy Trinity Monastery (p. Mezhyrich Ostrog district).

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