Interesting Lakes us extremely.What to see


In Ukraine, about 20 thousand lakes, of which 7 thousand square over 10 hectares. They form the Lake District. Generally, lakes are located in floodplains, mostly in still alive.

In the basins of the Western Bug and Pripyat are Shatsky Lakes (over 30 freshwater bodies) with karst origin. Most deep-among them - Svitjaz. Together with the surrounding landscape, they form a tion Shatsky National Park.

Yalpuh Lake - Lake estuary type, the largest natural lake in Ukraine.Geographically located in Belgorod, Izmail and Reni districts of Odessa region.


Synevyr considered to be the most interesting objects of the National Park "Synevyr" and is one of the business cards of the Ukrainian Carpathians.It is located 989 meters above sea level, has an average area of ​​4.5 hectares, and its average depth is 8.10 m, maximum - 24 m Because of the altitude and relatively hlybokovodnist even the warmest days of heated only the upper 1-2 meters of the lake.


Svitiaz located in the northwestern part of Volyn region, north of the village Svitjaz. The lake is 7.8 km, width 4.1 km. Area of 27.5 km ², maximum depth of 58.4 m, average depth - 7,2 m, shallow coastline. It is the deepest lake in Ukraine.


Nobel - Zarichne lake district, Rivne region.It lies in the floodplain of the Pripyat (Dnieper basin). Length - 3,2 km, width - 2,5 km, area - 4,99 km ², depth - over 10 hours Water clarity - to 2 m


Kunigunda (Kunikunda) - most of the salt lakes located on the western edge Solotvyna (Tachivski region Transcarpathian region, Ukraine). Depth - 8.1 m

Surface area - 800m ².

The concentration of salt - 146-150 ‰, increased concentration of bromine ions.