Kherson region. Vacation

Kherson region youngest region. It is located in the southern part of Ukraine is the Black and Azov Seas. Kherson region was formed March 30, 1944. Population of over 1 million inhabitants. The largest number of cities are Kherson, New Kahovka Kahovka and Tsjurupinsk. The territory of the region runs the largest river of Ukraine - the Dnieper. 
• Presentation Church, 1726 (in Beryslav);
• Bridge, XVIII century. (P. Burhunka) and others.
An interesting object is Adzhyholskyy lighthouse, 1911 It is the largest in Ukraine, is on at the Dnipro estuary.
In the Kherson region is the largest Biosphere Reserve in Ukraine "Askaniya Nova."