Kherson. Vacation

Kherson - regional center of Ukraine. The name of the city comes from the city-colony Chersonesos, which translated means "peninsula". Founded in 1778. The first written mention of Kherson (then Alexandria) dates from the year 1737. The population is about 301 thousand inhabitants. 
Kherson is also a sea and river port (Dnipro).
Museum of Kherson:
• National History Museum;
• Art Museum. A. Shovkulenka;
• Natural and environmental museum and more.
Sights of:
• Saviour Cathedral, 1781;
• Admiralty arsenal, XVIII century.;
• Adzhyholskyy lighthouse, 1911;
• Fragments ramparts, XVIII century.;
• Greek Sophia Church, 1780;
• Nicholas Church, 1819 and so on.
Famous Kherson:
G. Deliev - actor, director;
Yu Ishchenko - Ukrainian composer;
L. Latynina - Olympic champion in gymnastics;
Lyuko Dashvar - writer and journalist.