Nuclear power plants Ukraine


Zaporizhia nuclear power plant (ZAES) - Nuclear Power Plant, located in the steppe zone on the banks of the reservoir Kakhovskoe in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine near the city Enerhodar.It is Europe's largest nuclear power plant, it consists of 6 nuclear reactors.

The decision to build ZAES was adopted in 1978.

In 1981 began the phased construction of power units. During 1984-1987 he put into operation four units.

South Ukrainian nuclear power plants - nuclear power plant, located in the steppe zone on the left bank of the river Southern Bug at Tashlytska Reservoir, near (east) from the city Juzhnoukrainsk that Mykolaiv region.Built in 1975-1982 years.

The energy company is officially called SS "South-Ukrainian NPP" is part of the state enterprise - the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company "Energoatom" Ukraine. Part of the South Energy Complex.

Rivne (Rovno NPP) - Ukraine's first nuclear power plant with steam pressurized water reactors VVER-440 (B-213), located near the city Kuznecovsk are separated subdivision "Energoatom".

Rivne Nuclear Power Plant located on the west Polessye near the river Stir.

Countdown station's history dates back to 1971, when it came to designing the West Ukrainian NPPs, which was later renamed the Rivne NPP.

Khmelnitsky NPP (KNPP) - located in the Khmelnitsky region in Netishin power plant operates two nuclear reactors VVER-1000 (attached in 1987 and 2004 respectively) with a total capacity of 2000 MW.The main purpose of the station - covering the deficit of electric power in the Western region of Ukraine.

Designed NPP had to have 4 units. In 1981, construction began. In late 1987 introduced the first power. Prepared sites for another three blocks. Second units were built in 1983, planned to start in late 1991.

December 15, 2000 for the team Chernobyl nuclear power plant started a completely new stage - the period of withdrawal shutdown power units, which is an important element of the entire life cycle of any nuclear power plant. To perform this task, the government chooses the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was removed from the company "Energoatom" and transformed into a state engineer.Based on Chernobyl repair service in the "Enerhoatom" established company "Atomremontservis", where there are 730 Robie tnykiv, more than three hundred of them - former workers of Chernobyl. Created on the basis of emergency management activities of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant training and emergency center of "ENERGOATOM" also staffed mainly by former employees of Chernobyl.