Uzhgorod. Vacation

Uzhgorod - a city in western Ukraine, the regional center of the Transcarpathian region. Located on the river Oh, occupying an area of ​​40 km. square. Its population is 116,334 people. Uzhgorod is the largest transportation hub Transcarpathian region. Through it passes many European roads - E50, E58, E573, and international road M06, M08 and roads of national significance H13. The town has its own railway station and airport. The city is situated checkpoint on the border with Slovakia Uzhgorod - Cherry German. Outreach city and its suburbs are provided by air, rail and road. The nearest regional center of Ukraine - Lvov City - located 269 km.
Uzhhorod town founded in the 9th century. white tribe of Croats. Then the settlement was named Onhvar headed by Prince Laborets. In 894, the Hungarian tribes conquered the town and burned the fort. In the years 1241-1242 the Mongol tribes under the leadership of Batu Khan burned the city. New Town (Unhuyvar) - New orders for Uzhgorod Hungarian King Bela IV, in 1248 built a new place, in a modern neighborhood Highlanders. During its long history Uzhgorod was a part of other states, particularly in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918), Czechoslovak Republic (1920-1939), Hungary (1939-1944), the city has survived two world wars, which had no significant damage.
Uzhgorod is categorized cities with significant architectural heritage. Unique architectural monuments are: Gorianska rotunda - Temple St. Anne XI., Uzhgorod castle (XII-XVIII c.) - The oldest monument fortification art and architecture, the Cathedral of the Cross (1644), decorated in the style of late baroque, Shelestiv Church of St. Michael (built in 1777 without a single nail) Tseholnyanska Church (1802), Regional Philharmonic - a former synagogue (1902), Pokrovsky church, built by Russian immigrants as a memorial temple fell in World War I (1930). In Uzhgorod are 8 architectural monuments of national importance: castle (Stone) 10 - 16., Cross Cathedral (Stone) 1646 - 1848, Bishop's Residence (Stone) in 1646, home rule Uzhanskyi comitat ( Wall.) 1809 Warehouse and wine cellar (Stone) in 1781, Manor house in Radvantsi (Stone) k.16 century., Shelestiv Michael Church (village) 1777, Gorianska church Sv.Mykoly ( Wall.) 12 - 14.
Also in the city are Transcarpathian Regional Puppet Theater "Bavka" Transcarpathian Regional State Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Distinguished Academic Transcarpathian Folk Choir, Chamber Choir «Cantus» established in 1986 and Transcarpathian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.
Uzhgorod - the only regional center of Ukraine, which no electric. In addition, the city has had a narrow children's railway, built in 1947, connecting the city center (Theatre Square) with Pidzamkovym park.
In Uzhgorod studied and lived Augustin Voloshin - Prime Minister of the autonomous government of Carpatho-Ukraine, and in 1939 he became president of this country, Hero of Ukraine (posthumously).