Dzhankoy district. Vacation

Dzhankoy district - a scenic region of Crimea, located Prysyvaskoyi steppe part of Crimea peninsula, and its northern and north-eastern territory washed by Lake Lagoon.

Area - 2667 m ², of which 2063 m ² is land, 604 m ² - water area of Lake Lagoon.
The resulting area of 1921. The population is 74,194 people. The area is 2,667 km ².
There Dzhankoysky area there are 67 historical and monumental mystettsva, including the 55th Dzhankoy. All - local importance. Backpackers District is a special twist, because in addition to the usual attractions near archaeological registered: 16 mounds from the Bronze Age, the Scythian period and the Middle Ages; installed 28 monumental monuments.
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25b Radianska st, city Djankoi, Crimea
200-250 uah
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Crimea, Bakhchysarai district, village Chaikyne
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