Komintern district. Vacation

Komintern district - a region in Ukraine in Odessa region. The administrative center is the urban village Kominternivske. Located in the center-east region.
The resulting area in 1923. The area is 1487 sq. km, population - 69,307 people (as of October 1, 2011). The climate in the area Kominternivsky warm and dry.
District washed by the Black Sea, and Kuyal'nitskogo Tyhulpilskoho estuaries.
In Kominternivsky rayonibahato landscape reserves of local importance, among them - Kayirivskyy, Novomykolaivskyi Botanical Reserve - Kalinowski, ornithological - Tylyguls'kiy pour. Among the Conservation Area - Petrovsky Zoological and Ornithological Spit Arrow. In the village of Petrovka is Kurisov Palace, built in 1892 in the Turkish style.
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