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Iziaslav - a city which is the center Izyaslavsky district in Brussels Ukraine. The city lies on the River Horynnyu, at the confluence of the rivers it Ponora and Soshen.
The first mention of the city dates back to the year 1390, and 1538 (for New Zaslav added 1754) has Magdeburg Law. As of July 1, 2012 in Izjaslavl population is 17216 people. Area - 23.91 sq. km. The climate here is continental and humid.
Despite its rich history, modern city Iziaslav rather pellitory. At the turn of the millennium declined in industry, and military bases were disbanded, and the city sank into a depression.
The city remained the ruins of the church of St. John the Baptist and Starozaslavskho castle. By surviving monuments belong Iziaslav Bernardine Monastery, designed in Baroque style, now serves as a prison. Also preserved Church of St. Joseph with an eclectic facade. But Sangushko palace, castle and palace Novozaslavskomu Zaslavsky less fortunate and they look damaged, though the ruins of these buildings is quite picturesque. In Izjaslavl is 9 cemeteries.
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