Privacy policy and terms of use site provides services on the terms described in this document. Date of this User Agreement shall be the moment any user interaction with the site. Members confirm their acceptance of all terms of the agreement. 
Description of services provides services that allow users to register, to post information about themselves and their sites, look for objects in the relevant headings, advertise their sites in accordance with tariffs. 
Duties of the user
When you add an item you are required to provide true, accurate and complete contact information and keep this information up to date. In the case of providing false information, right to suspend or cancel your registration and stop providing services. 
Not be used alone, or with third parties, providing opportunities site for purposes which can be qualified as a violation of third party intellectual property, unfair competition, breach of the law otherwise. Do not take any actions that affect the normal operation of the site, that it is unfair use. 
Timely pay for use of the site according to the tariffs. 
Restrictions on the content administration does not carry out mandatory checks the user's location information. administration is not responsible for errors and omissions that were made when registering or placing of information, as well as any tangible or intangible losses incurred in connection with this. administration is not responsible for third-party use of information posted on, including reproduction and distribution, as implemented in the framework, and other possible ways. 
All information contained on this website is considered the property of the users who put it, as long as there is no reason to believe otherwise. users do not receive any rights to use the information posted by other users, and are fully responsible to the owner of the information for its misuse. 
It is forbidden to place (information for, can be deleted by the administrator without notice in case of violation of at least one of these rules): 
1. The information about goods and services prohibited by applicable law to spread. 
2. Illegally obtained proprietary and confidential information. 
3. Information that violates the copyrights of others, patent law, trade secret, or copy sites taken separately pages, images and texts on the Internet, if the copying is prohibited by the owners of the original. 
4. Informational texts using probilivmizh would result in a m and using the words in uppercase letters (but not the abbreviations). 
5. Information of other users who are already registered on the portal. 
6. Information that is sexual in nature. 
7. Spam, malicious programs designed to disrupt the normal functioning or elimination of other programs, serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, means to gain unauthorized access to sites on the Internet, as well as references to such information. 
8. Information on the remuneration of users for clicking on ads, surfing websites or reading emails, advertising earnings on the Internet. 
9. Information related to the propaganda of violence, hatred, racial hatred, slander or insult to third parties or organizations. 
10. Prohibited use spamming, which contains a link to the portal 
12. The user information of the object, which is untrue. 
limitation of liability 
Administration not safeguard any user posted on information. administration is not responsible for the receipt, storage, processing, use and disclosure of personal data to third parties, each user is responsible for the information they posted. 
User using the site provides administration right to receive, store, process, use and disclose personal information. 
You understand and agree that:
Administration not guarantee there are no errors and failures, including in respect of the software. 
Administration not guarantee that services will meet your requirements or be uninterrupted or error-free. 
Download any information or materials from the site done at your own risk. You are fully responsible for the loss of information or damage caused to your computer as a result of downloading information from the site administration reserves the right to delete, modify, or disable access to the information posted by users of both free and paid services without notice. administration reserves the right to modify the contact data published in the pages of objects in default according to the tariffs.