Sea Cat Black Sea


What is a sea cat and whether it is in the Black Sea. In this issue we find the answer in any directory fauna of the Black Sea.   Sea cat, or it is called hvostokola normal - kind of rays that spread in the northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea. Occurs usually on the rocks to a depth of 60 meters, zakopuyuchys the soil.

The name of the sea cat, he received first by the similarity of their Tesco hunt on land. Prytayivshys like a whale, stingray waits for its prey prey.

He also uses sviyi sharp tail, but mostly for his defense. At the tail end are one or more styletopodibnyh jagged spikes up to 15   cmThe poison affects the nervous system. Especially dangerous shots in the trunk and head. In the victim may experience lower blood pressure, acceleration of the heartbeat, muscle paralysis, vomiting. In severe cases, death can occur.