Exciting and interesting monuments of Ukraine


Here are interesting architectural solutions that are breathtaking. Ukraine is rich in talented sons and daughters who have shown originality countries worldwide.

Monument of Eternal Glory in Zhitomir. Victory Day May 9, 1979 in Zhytomyr was opened Eternal Glory monument in honor of soldiers-liberators, partisans and underground fighters. The authors of the monument - sculptor IA KOLOMYJEC and her husband GY Husid architects AF Ignashchenko and IA Ivanov.

Tomb chieftain Seurat Kapulivtsi.Was established in the spring of 1980. Core Sculptor - V. Shkonda.

Les Kurbas Monument in Kiev - a monument to Ukrainian actor, director, founder of the modern national theater, located on Proreznoy street in the park near the house number 8.Close to the building that is now number 17, was placed Young Theatre which led Kurbas.The monument was opened on 1 April 2002.

Monument to students in Sumy.Established in 2004 after the unification of the three universities of Sumy, students rebelled against the idea.Unfortunately its not them succeeded. Note that these events prior to the Orange Revolution.

Monument of Voroshilov in Lugansk.Located in front of the City Council of Lugansk. Voroshilov native of this city, also at one time headed the province of Luhansk.