5 famous monuments "Guardian Angel of Ukraine"


The first and perhaps most famous monument Guardian Angel is set in Ukraine Kirovograd.It was built in honor of the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ and the 250 anniversary of the city.On the perimeter of the monument is written prayer: "Take care, God, Ukraine."

This Guardian Angel monument was erected in 1997 to the 200th anniversary of the city Busk for funds Ukrainian diaspora.

Monument "Guardian Angel of Ukraine" installed in the White TSerk - 1993 in honor of the 200th anniversary tsentarlnoho Park City.

Bronze "Guardian Angel" by Vinogradiv gone day church feast of the Dormition of the Virgin - 28serpnya 2003.

Monument established in Kyiv. Archangel Gabriel is considered the protector of Ukraine.5

Remember the story of our country and may God watch over our Ukraine.