Interesting wilderness river in Carpathians


Prut - a river in south-eastern Europe.The left tributary of the Danube (Black Sea basin). Originates from a spring on the hillside Goverly flows into the Danube near the town Giurgiuleşti (Moldova). In the upper (up Delyatina) has a mountainous character, with steep right bank, sometimes cross-section of the channel looks like a cliff. Near the waterfall is Yaremche samples. Spring floods, summer rain floods, povyschenyy winter runoff (vnaslitok of lyh and rain).Freezing in January - February and early March.

Tysa - the largest left tributary of the Danube (Black Sea basin). Flows in Ukraine (Transcarpathian region), Hungary and Serbia, partly along the border between Ukraine and Romania and Hungary, a well as the border between Slovakia and Hungary. Length - 966 km (within Ukraine - 201 km).

Stryi - a river in Ukraine, within Skole, Turka, Drogobytskyy, Stryisky and Zhidachivskogo Lviv oblast. Right tributary of the Dniester River (Black Sea basin). 232 km length of the river basin area 3,060 km ². Pokhyl River 3.2 m / km. Rechische very sinuous, often branched, in rocky areas porozhyste. The width of the channels from 10 - 30 m in the upper reaches up to 150 m in the lower reaches.The average depth of 0.5 - 1 m, maximum - 2.5 - 2.8 mFlow rate of 0.1 - 2.0 m / s.In the Carpathians, a mountain river in nature and narrow valley, the banks forested with coniferous and mixed forests; in Precarpathians river is partly flat nature. Floodplains in the middle and lower reaches of bilateral, somewhere in the Lower waterlogged.

Cheremosh - River in the Ukrainian Carpathians, in Bukovina and the Hutsul region. Right, the biggest tributary of the Prut River (Danube Basin). Length of 80 km, catchment area of ​​2650 km ². The total vertical drop of 280 meters Pokhyl River 3.3 m / km.

Formed by the confluence of the Black Cheremoshu (87 km Basin - 856 km ²) and White Cheremoshu (80 km Basin - 606 km ²) near village Usteriky. Flows on the verge of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (Verhovinsky, Kosovo, Snyatyn areas) and Chernivtsi Oblast (Putyla, Vizhnitsky, Kitsman areas). Cheremos Rod falls to near the village Nepolokivtsi.

Bystrycia - a river in Ukraine, within Tysmenytsia district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Right tributary of the Dniester River (Black Sea basin). Actually Bystrica - a small longest river (17 km), it is like a trunk that branches out at the foot of the hill near the village Vovchinetskiy Vovchyntsya (4 km from Ivano-Frankivsk) into three branches, the river, Solotvynska Bistrita, Bistrita Nadvirnianska and Raven, the origins of which are located in the Carpathians.