Karadag - an extinct volcano and it is a cleaner place in Crimea


Karadag and Karadag (in RussianKaradag, Crimea. Qaradağ) - a mountain range in the Crimean mountains, an ancient extinct volcano, which operated 120 - 160 million years ago.The only ancient volcano that has been preserved in Eastern Europe.

The only volcano that has kept all the processes taking place during its eruption. You can see traces of lava flows, crater also undergone minimal impact.

The area of ​​the reserve is about 2900 hectares, translated from the Turkish Karadag meaning "Black Mountain."

The highest peak - Mount St. (576 m) in Soviet times was called simply Karadag.The name translated from the Cree ofQaradağ, meaning "Black Mountain."Ridges and peaks have called you Crimean Tatar: Hoba-Tepe (krym.Qoba Töpe - The top of the cave), Syuryu-Kai (krym.Süyrü Qaya - sharp rocks).There gorge Giaour-Bach (krym. Gâvur Bağ - Garden incorrect) source Giaour-Cesme (krym. Gâvur Çeşme - Source infidels). In Karadag MD TI Viazemsky (1857-1914) founded the Karadag Biological Station. On the basis of the station in 1979, was created Karadag Nature Reserve. It occupies an area of ​​22 km ² of Koktebel Schebetovka to towns and resorts.

Unauthorized get to the reserve will not work, both by land and by sea. All the beauty of the volcano is surrounded by barbed wire with signs that prohibit entry into the territory. To get here you can only paying for a tour in the administration of the reserve. And the tour itinerary can be mountain and sea - depending on the preferences of the tourists.

You may also want to book a boat tour to appreciate the beauty of the reserve from the sea. Excellent arch "Golden Gate", Mount John robber, frozen lava which flowed 150 million years ago.

How to get there?

Karadag located between the village of Koktebel and Spa. The bulk of trips to go on Karadag biostation located in the resort.Get to biostation can marshrutklyu of Koktebel or Feodosia (the central bus station).

Please note that the tour or go early in the morning (8 - 8:30 am) or after 16:00. There is also a combined tour - under the sea from Koktebel Karadag to biostation and walk through Ca radah back in Koktebel.