Hoverla mountain - that permeated the unique history and legends


Hoverla is the highest mountain and the highest point of Ukraine. The height is 2061 meters. Belongs to the Carpathian mountain massif located on the edge of the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk region, 20 km to the border with Romania.

Few people know, but such a simple name - Goverla derived from the Romanian word means - "impassable increase." And translated from Hungarian means - "Snow Mountain". Last name is true, unlike the previous one, because almost all year Goverly top under snow.

It has a conical shape. On the slopes - forms of Pleistocene glaciation, rock. There are avalanches. It consists of sandstones and conglomerates. Covered with alpine meadows, shrub heath, sometimes - stone scree. On the east side of the summit - one of the sources of the river Prut, Prut Falls. The mountain is located within protected areas: the CBR and the Carpathian National Nature Park.

A popular summer and winter tourism. Due to the popularity has high pollution areas pryvershynnoyi and destroyed vegetation on top.

In winter, the peak is particularly dangerous. We know many of the tragic facts. So in 1958 a group of 12 tourists was covered in an avalanche of "funnel" when trying traversuvaty dome Goverly the northwest ridge on the jumper between Goverlu and Petros. In this group died Kyiv known mountaineer. In 1960 there was an accident associated with the loss of 20 tourists who performed Traverse Goverla - Petros. They also took an avalanche in the same "funnel". During the winter it accumulates as snow, in both cases, the victims managed to find in the summer.

Raising the Ukrainian national flag Goverle on July 16, 1993

I wonder, what about Goverlu and Rod (river, one of the tributaries of which dates back to the foot of the mountain), there are several similar legends in itself. On one of them, they used a guy and a girl loved each other until they learned it Molfar Lincoln, the father of the girl. To Rod not found Goverlu father hid it by turning on the mountain. Rod also learned to disappoint his beloved, we must get off the mountain at dawn. But before dawn, sat down on the slope Goverly and wept. Yes, and still crying a river Prut, which derives from the slopes Goverly. Since Goverla and Rod are always together.