Dead city of Ukraine - Prypiat


It seems almost sad and fun city in Ukraine - is Prypiat 'Five.Located a few kilometers from Chornobyl. This is a "dead city" in recent years has attracted more and more tourists.It became a center of nontrivial tourism in the world.

Pripyat - a city of regional importance in the Kiev region. Founded February 4, 1970 on the river Pripyat, near the railway station Semihody. Population evacuated because of the accident at Chernobyl in 1986, by which the city was in the Zone B nuclear power station. The main cause for the founding of the city was the construction of one of Europe's largest nuclear power plants - Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).

From the experiences of people who have visited a nuclear power plant and buildings of Pripyat, we can conclude that this tour has made a special impression.

"The trip left a special impression, we plunged into the past, in history, having been near the reactor in Pripyat almost feel yourself the suffering, pain, nespovneni dreams that residents suffered as a result of this terrible accident," - says the tourist who visited the town and station.

"The strongest impression left Pripyat and the sarcophagus of the rector.City - Monument tragedy symbol illusory presence, should life and fight for it "- writes the next tourist.

Today some of the remaining workers at Chernobyl, which is working to care areas and perform security functions.Five erevezennya Chernobyl workers between stations "Center" and "Semihody" provides 5 pairs of electric trains.

In Pripyat, and now there are two companies - shop for clothing decontamination, simply, laundry room and garage for cars that carry radioactive waste.

This place certainly left its mark in popular culture. Quebec playwright Philippe Landry spent his town drama "Return to Pripyat," which has been praised Canadian theater.

In Pripyat and Chernobyl zone unfolding action series of computer games "STALKER", Ukrainian company GSC Game World.