Dnister Canyon - one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine


Dnister Canyon - Canyon, formed by the Dniester River and is located on the 4 regions of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi and Khmelnytsky.

The total length of it is about 250 km, providing Dniester canyon canyons among the largest not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

Dniester Canyon, following a nationwide online survey announced on August 26, 2008, recognized as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine.

In the valleys of the Dniester River and its tributaries vidsloyuyetsya powerful complex of sedimentary rocks from the very young - man-made - and oldest - Silurian - Paleozoic sediments.

Sediments rocks consist mainly of yellowish-white, dolomitized, organic-clastic limestones and oolites contain fingerprints of several species of fossil algae and a diverse range of fossil fauna.

The oldest monuments of nature Dniester Canyon - rock Devonian geological period (age - 350-400 million years ago), numerous waterfalls, deciduous, mixed and pine forests, springs.

Attracted by the beauty of local nature reserves: Tract curve, Red Mountain, Khmelivska wall. On the left bank of the Dniester with hops Podolsk deep ravine flowing stream, creating a cascade of beautiful waterfalls (some height reaches 6-8 m). Next to the village Nyrkiv Zalishchytsk district noisy resets its waters 16-meter waterfall Dzhurinsky.

At Red Mountain nature reserve between villages and Beremyany Sokilets towering, wooded, two hills - Big and Small Govda.Near them in 1930 operated a tourist haven for water tourists who floated down the river in boats and kayaks.

The high left bank of the river covered with sparse vegetation, which in its diversity exceeds Kremenetsky mountains and Podolski Tovtry.

Rich vegetation are the slopes of the canyon, coastal meadows and fields (Adonis, dream big, feather, primrose, yasenets white, almond steppe, chamomile, molodylo Ruthenian, etc.). A large number of relict, endemic and rare plants of the canyon is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

Is a diverse fauna of the canyon. The forests are inhabited by deer, hares, badgers, foxes, boars, squirrels and other animals. On the slopes of stone and scrub live lizards, copperhead, vipers, snakes.