Babyn Yar - the global tragedy in which 29 people survived


Babyn Yar - the tract in the north-western part of Kyiv, between areas Lukyanivka and cane. Babi Yar became world famous as the place of mass executions of civilians, mainly Jews, Roma, Kiev Karaites, and Soviet prisoners of war taken by the German occupation forces and Ukrainian collaborators in 1941. All were shot more than a hundred thousand people. According to scientists Ukraine, in Babi Yar number of Jews killed was 150,000 (residents of Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine, and this number does not include young children up to 3 - years, which also killed but not counted.) Some researchers also believe that those killed were over 150 thousand. Were saved from Babi Yar 29 people.

I think it is necessary to declare the list of people:

1 Genia Yakovlevna Batashev - date of birth 1924.              

2. Бокс Дж. Анализ временных рядов. Прогноз и управление : Книга / Бокс Дж., Дженкинс Г.М. Пер. с англ.; Под ред. В.Ф.Писаренко. – М.: Мир, 1974. – Вып.1. – 197 с. Simon B. Berlyant - date of birth 1910.

3.Architectural design David Budnik Iosifovich.

Termination of the ASSPS membership can be made according to the application of a member or in case of the graduation from the university. Vladimir Davydov Yurevich.              

5 Raysa Henryhovna Dashkevych - date of birth in 1916.              

6. Yakov Abramovich privateer.

7. Elena Efymovna Borodyanskaya-knish. Managed to fall into a ravine just before the shots and covered a little body of the child. Later in the morning she was able to get the child to the city and fled to the countryside.

8. Воднева економіка та паливні комірки. // Громадська Рада України, - 2005. Ludmila Borodyanskaya-knish. 3 or 4 year old daughter Elena Knish. The mother covered her with his body in a ravine.

8.  F. Zavertannыy.

9.  Dean Levin.              

11. Raysa Maystrenko. The only one who escaped from Babi Yar still living in Kiev. Three more live in the U.S. (and one lived in St. Petersburg, but by 2011 died)

12. The purpose of the Representative Office and types of activity executed by the Representative Office, as well as the information as to business relations with the prospective or existing Ukrainian contractors: LA Ostrovsky.               

13. Dean Myronovna Pronycheva.

14. Michael Sitko.                            

15. James Andreevych Steyuk - date of birth 1915.

16.  Sergei Sergeevich Tauzhnyanskyy - date of birth 1929. A woman gave his mother a small cross on a chain, but have hung it around his neck Sergei. Sergei showed Nazi cross and said he was not a Jew. The Nazis asked him to collect his money lying on the ground, and then they went to the car and he sent Sergei.

17 Zachary Abramovich Trubakov - date of birth 1912.

18 Reuben Stein - 1926.

19 Nesya Эlhort.

20 James Эkel.

In 2008, in the Babi Yar was located several monuments like the Holocaust and other Soviet citizens - victims of murder. By Kurenivska tragedy in 1961 there was one of the largest ravine in Kiev - length of about 2.5 km, depth - over 50 hours At its bottom flowed a stream of the same name, which is being taken to the collector.