Sviatohirsk - rock city in the Donetsk region, on the edge of a steep cliff


Sviatohirsk - an ancient village in the northern part of Donetsk region. Throughout its existence, the town several times changed its name: 1938 - Bath Village, 1964 - Slavyanogorsk city, and from 2003 - city Sviatogirsk.The city is situated on the bank of the Seversky Donets. The beauty and landscape of this place is simply mesmerizing.

The first record (memories Sihizmunda Herbertshteyna) Settlement known since the early 16th century - in 1526, when the settlement was called the Holy Mountain. Already in 1624 is mentioned in chronicles etsya Holy Assumption Monastery, which was eliminated in the river, in the Cretaceous rocks.

There are many versions to create Svyatohirska laurels. Some believe that the founders were immigrants from Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Others argue that the church has its roots in Greece, founded by immigrants from the Orthodox church - Mount Athos.One way or another, but vprodozhv century monastic cells in caves attract many monks and pilgrims.

For centuries, the monastery grew rapidly, each year the number of churches increased. The monks themselves provide protection hold. Over time, the cells were placed not only in the caves and in the rocks, but also on land.

As usual, banal history of the monastery life is not interrupted for a century, after the Mongol raids horde.  And already in 1787 by Catherine the Second, monastic temple ground was disbanded, and all property confiscated.The surrounding land and estates rozdarovani relatives Empress.

At the same after the monastery came to the new owners - Tatiana and Alexander Potemnikovyh, the temple began its active development.And in 1844 began restoration of old buildings and building new ones.

Currently, the church has been widely publicized, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Holy Temple and many pilgrims visit the cave and tour groups.Church and Anthony Feo Still, that is located in the depths of caves - the perfect place for a relaxing and fruitful prayer.

Apart from the ancient temples offer tourists visit the national park "Holy Mountain", a variety of sites of archaeological, cultural and historical.