Podilski Tovtry - virgin land of Ukrainian lands


National Park Podolski Tovtry - great beauty sanctuary located in Khmelnytsky region.Through the park flows the river Dniester. She makes her extremely beauty turns, forming a unique geological monument.

The park is more than 2.5 thousand square meters. kilometers. Included in the Ukrainian Book of Records as the largest park in Ukraine.

In the park there are 130 objects of nature preserve, 20 archaeological sites and numerous recreational, cultural and historical centers.

The Red Book of Ukraine lists a wide range of plants and animals of the national park. About 60 species of plants and 90 kinds of animals.

The beauty of the mountainous terrain of the park is provided by well-known mountains - Medobory belonging to Podolsk Upland.

In the park runs a host of smaller rivers. Among them Zbruch Strypa and others.

The very area defined as kanoyonopodibnu height. This region Transnistria is perfect for tourism and recreation.

Great value conservation area Podolski Tovtry up mineral waters, such as "NAFTA" and "Mirgorodska."These waters have unique therapeutic properties. It contains a high concentration of iodine, bromine, etc..