Ukrainian Steppe Nature Reserve "Tomb of Stone"


Reserve "Stone Grave" 'is located within the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions.It's great beauty Reserve, the number of visitors exceeds 15 thousand people a year.

Established on April 5, 1927, as a remarkable historical and natural monuments of Ukraine.

The total area of ​​the reserve is over 400 hectares (300 hectares - Donetsk area, 100 hectares - Zaporozhye region).

The reserve is famous for its huge deposits of granite, unique in their physical and chemical properties of them.Their age art anovyt about 2 billion years.Sometimes appearances granite tops reach up to 100 meters.

This defines the uniqueness of nature reserve Azov 'I said.Interesting Granite performances from the land often referred to by locals - "stone woman."

Because reserve flows flowing river Byrd.

Throughout the year, reserve actively visited by many tourists. Most activity occurs from early spring to late autumn. Overall, this place is often referred to as "mountainous country in miniature." Captures the spirit of its monumentality. There are granite stones to 'yutsya variety of sources, which stand out for its healing and medicinal properties.

In the vegetation of the reserve allocated moss, ferns, gladioli, orchids. Northern flora - vudsiya alpine, millipede usual.

Among the common wildlife in the reserve are foxes, hedgehogs, mole rats, rabbits, prairie snake, snakes. Among the reserve can be found poisonous snakes, but should not be much to worry about, because if you do not touch these snakes, they are calm.