Azov sea - the sea of ​​small bays and estuaries


Azov sea - the sea that belongs to the basin of the Atlantic Ocean, located in the east of Europe. Is the shallow sea world, sea depth does not exceed 14 meters. The average depth of the sea is about 7 meters. The Azov Sea with the Atlantic Ocean combines with the following: The Kerch shed - Black Sea - shed Bosphorus - Marmara Sea - shed Dardanelles - Aegean Sea - Mediterranean - Gibraltar - Atlantic.

In ancient times, Sea of ​​Azov not exist, historians, it was found that filling the sea was about 5500 BC. BC A river flowed Don directly into the Black Sea. In ancient times, the Greeks called it - Meotiyske lake.

Origin of the name Sea naymovirnishe originates from the city - elements, which is located in the Rostov region of Russia.

You can select from the Sea of ​​Azov is an interesting fact that at one time the prince of Kievan Rus - Gleb Svyatoslavovych, measured elbows, the winter sea ice, the distance between the city of Kerch and Taman, which was about 20 km. This distance was fixed at a Tmutarakansky stones. According to current data, one can conclude that the distance in 1000 increased by 3 miles.

With regard to general information about the sea. The sea can be fully or partially freeze in the winter period. Morphology refers to a flat sea. Refers to the continental seas of the planet.
The bottom of the Sea of Azov relatively gently sloping and uniform.The depth ranges of 5-13 meters. Toward the middle of the sea depth reaches its maximum depth. Its beaches are flat and sandy.

Area A zovskoho sea will be more than 39 thousand square meters. kilometers.Coastline - 1472 km. Sea catchment area is 586 thousand square meters. kilometers.

The average sea temperature is 11 degrees Celsius. The maximum recorded temperature of the Azov Sea - 32.5 degrees Celsius. The summer sea temperature is around 24 - 28 degrees Celsius.