Dead (Сranberry) lake in Ukraine


At the heart of the reserve "Skole Beskydy" located lake of great beauty, which is called cranberry or Dead Lake.Located near the waterfall stone 'Janko.The lake is located within the Lviv region.

The time when the created lake no notknows. Lake, including lifelong Carpathian forest filled bars decaying trees.Lake was formed as a result of the failure of rocks. Vprodozhv millennia lake bottom bars vkryvalos rotten trees and plant remains.

Because rotting remnants at the bottom of the lake actively produces carbon dioxide.The water becomes turbid and acquires a dark color. In the process of carbon dioxide in the surface waters rise bulbashky that create the illusion of a fairy tale. Locals in turn argue that the lake has a mystical power.

There are two theories of the origin of the name of the lake. The first is based on the fact that many growing around the Carpathian berries - cranberries, and l Judah often went to collect it, in swampy areas.Ha second theory comes from the mystical authority of the lake.People were afraid of him and always passed it by. As a result, the trees around the lake attracted cranes.

Dead same lake called due to the fact that water is heavily saturated with carbon dioxide. It does not grow and there is no living creature. The black color of the water adds a sense of mortality in this reservoir.

The feature of the lake is a floating island, which consists of the remains of the trees of the forest. These remains free to move along the surface of the lake covered with algae and moss.