Khan's Palace (Bakhchisarai) - Crimean pearl culture


Khan's Palace in Bakhchisaray - the ancient residence of the Crimean Khanate - H erayiv.Palace is considered the founder of the Crimean Khan - Sahib and Hera.

This palace is the treasure of world culture. It is the only model of the palace of the Crimean Tatar art. Beauty grand palace gives its location, is on the left bank Churuk-Su.

Currently in the Palace Museum organized weapons and firearms.

The main theme, which sold the palace - the embodiment and representation of the Muslim idea of ​​the Garden of Eden on earth. Translated from the Crimean Tatar language "Bakhchisarai" - translated as "palace" or "sad".

The ancient palace dating from the year 1532 - a Big Khan Mosque and bath Sarah-G yurel.For centuries, the palace postiyon dobudovuvavsya.

With 1736 came the tragic times for the palace. Russian Field Marshal - Christophe Munnich, while capturing Bakhchisarai, Khan ordered the burning city and the palace.The palace was almost completely destroyed. Miracle managed to keep the description of the palace.Over time, according to surviving artefacts, heirs to the throne of the Khan initiated the rehabilitation of the building.

In the 19th century, after the annexation of the Crimea, Russian Empire, Khan Mosque underwent significant changes.In the palace of repairing works at a fast pace, only to visit high-profile individuals. The unity of style was lost significantly altered inter Premier.

In the 30's 19th century palace in Bakhchisaray was an overhaul.Zabileno exterior decoration of the palace.

The architecture of the palace can be divided into the majestic north gate, which overlooks the Palace Square. Also fascinating beauty Gate Tower, secular building, the Khan Cemetery, South Gate, Falcon Tower.
Now it is safe to say that the color of the palace lost, because now it is paved with stones and planted trees. At the time of the Crimean Khanate of scenery was not. In the yard 'her was not a lot of vegetation, and the area was covered with sand.Here Crimean army farewell before going into the military campaign.

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