10 of the most famous lakes in Ukraine


Ukraine is famous worldwide for its fresh water fund, including many rivers and lakes.In Ukraine the second largest freshwater body of water.

Svitiaz. Located in the Volyn region also borders on Poland and Belarus. It belongs to the so-called freshwater group "Shatsky Lakes."The maximum depth of the lake is 60 meters. It also zamityty that the waters of the lake usual electric eel. It has extremely clear water and gently sloping sandy bottom.

Yalpuh. Freshwater estuary in the Odessa area. Estuary area is 149 square meters. Km. - Is the second largest freshwater lake in Europe. The maximum depth of about 6 meters. The lake is highly polluted, it is mainly conditioned by the fact that part of the river basin Yalpuh located in Moldova, where the quality of sewage water is very bad.

Shelekhivske lake. Located within the Sumy Oblast. The lake is of tectonic origin. Clean water is very rich in flora.According to historians Shelekhivska age matched with age lake Baikal in Russia and Lake Victoria in Africa.

Sasyk-Lagoon. Salt lake in Crimea. Depth not exceeding 1.5 m Lake of great beauty.

Kahul. Lake in the Danube Basin, located in the Odessa area. The area of ​​the lake varies depending on the season - 80-90 square meters. Km. The deepest lake is 7 pm

Synevyr. The lake is considered to be the pearl of the Carpathians. Lonely ages among the misty Carpathian Mountains. The beauty and color of the lake is simply mesmerizing. The lake is located at an altitude of 1000 m At sea level.

Donuzlav. The deepest lake of Crimea - 27 in Salt lake almost completely, except for its northern part. From sea lake separated by sandy embankment.

Molochne lake. Located in the Zaporozhye region. From the Sea of Azov separated skew the sea with the United Strait.There hydrological reserve in Ukraine.

Kunihunda. Salt Lake, which was formed only in 1902, due prosadzhennya 20 m newly opened mines of the same name.

Bile lake. Located in Rivne region. Included in the Beloozersk reserve. At the bank of the hostel is "Rainbow".