The oldest church Kyiv


Nestor the Chronicler mentions that Elijah catholic church stood at the mouth of the surety - a modern waterfront location near Downtown.Tsa part of Kyiv was developed shopping center. It stopped trading ships of foreign merchants. Historians claim that the merchants of Byzantium brought the cult of St. Elias, which at that time revered.

According to the chronicles of Nestor, we can guess that in this house the first Christians of Kievan Rus swore allegiance to the Greeks and the Christian faith.This happened because of the agreement concluded by Prince Igor in 945.

The river flows approximately Pochayna at street Pochaininskaya, but to prove that the present church stands on the site of the first church - almost impossible.

The present church was built Iliinskyi between 1610-1630 years. Podolski records claim that outlines the important temple came in 1784, with the assistance of well-known tradesman Peter Hudyma.

1718 - the church was nearly burned to schentu.

1755 - construction of the church was again restored to his son Peter Hudyma - Paul Gudim, in the same year was built tower.

1811 - Temple again experiencing a devastating conflagration. Belfry entered Moscow tent shape towers, gates made ​​in the Empire style, the temple has retained some elements of the Baroque.

The construction of the church is covered by a dome octagonal drum, decorated cornices also.

Today, fans of ancient buildings, visit the house - st. Pochaininskaya 2.