Chornomorske. Vacation

Chornomorske - small town, located in the western part of Crimea, 140 km. the capital of Crimea.

His current status was of 1957. The area is 119 km ². Population - 10,991 people.
Near Chornomorske coast literally cut by numerous gullies. Only in these beams and can swim - on shore ends tridtsatimetrovy cliffs. In the church you can see the beam rare species of herbs and shrubs, in addition, the ruins of the ancient Greek house, antique well with drinking water, which makes beam a popular holiday destination among sleeper with tents. In archaeological monuments include: the ancient settlement Kalos-Limen, excavations which are carried out from 1985 to the village set obelisk in memory of Chernomorets, who died during the Second World War.
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100 Agafonova st, village Chornomorske, Crimea, Uk...
50-100 uah
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