Frunze. Vacation

Frunze - a picturesque resort town, located on the west coast of Crimea between villages and Novofedorivka Mykolaivka.

The population is 3107 people.
Calm, quiet, small number of tourists will fully relax. In Frunze beach area and almost empty. Sea situated 3 km from the village, but that should not scare. In Frunze well-developed transportation infrastructure. In the sea and sunbathing in the private sector Frunze tourists will find: fishing on the high seas and lakes, water rides, sea and walks, trips to the Crimea, diving and much more.
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1 Morske highway, village Frunze, Saky district, C...
400-450 uah
38 (098) 246-44-76, 246-44-77, (067) 692-09-18, (0692) 46-12-80, (06563) 9-54-93
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