Chynadieve. Vacation

Chynadieve - a village in Transcarpathia Mukachevo district. As of January 1, 2013 the population was 6823 inhabitants. Chynadiyeve known since 1214 as an ancient Rusyn settlements. In 1944 Chynadieve called St. Miklos,'s been a freelance Bereg county town of Mukachevo comitat Kingdom of Hungary. Today, tourists are attracted Chynadiyevska fortress. Overall strength in the XIV century sheep Pereni. The fortress walls are meters thick. A few kilometers from the castle is a castle Beregvar that belonged to the dynasty of Schönborn. Chynadieve rich in castles - castle "St. Miklos" refers to the architecture of XIV-XIX centuries. The castle belongs to the State Register of Cultural Heritage. During the Second World War, the Germans made ​​the castle prison. In 2001 the castle was given in concession artist Joseph Bartosz. He and his wife Tatiana and associates actually saved the castle from destruction. Today the restored interior of the ground floor building. The castle often are international and local art events.