Lebedivka. Vacation

Lebedivka - a small village in the Odessa region. Located in Tatarbunary area on the Black Sea coast and estuary Burnas.
Founded by German village pereselentsyamyu 1787 as a cottage settlement until 1947 was called Bad Burnas. Now Lebedivtsi live only 26 inhabitants. The area of ​​the village is only 0.38 sq. km. The climate in Lebedivtsi warm, with frequent droughts.
In Lebedivka came to rest first Polish head of state Józef Pilsudski.
Currently on vacation in Lebedivka visited by many tourists. Cost of holiday in the countryside is low, and living in tent can fully enjoy the beauty of nature. Spit Marine length of several tens of kilometers adjacent to Lebedivka and separates the Black Sea from the estuary Burnas. Incidentally estuary waters are rich in iodine, which pretty good for health. Yet there are many coniferous and mixed forests, word Lebedivka great place for a holiday in tents or bases, of which there are plenty.