Balakliya. Vacation

Balakliya - the regional center of the Kharkiv region. Remote from the regional center to a distance of about 100 km. It is believed that the city was founded in 1663, Ataman James Chernigovets. The city changed its name in the nineteenth century. It was called Novo-Serpukhov. Population - about 30 thousand inhabitants. Through the city flows the river Balakliyka.
The city is a museum. In the stations of young naturalists is a mini-zoo.
In Balakleya born famous singer Alexander Petrusenko. In Balakliyschyni born AD Maple - World and Ukraine in weight lifting.
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Kharkiv region, city Balakliia, str. Stadionna 19 ...
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Kharkiv region, Balakliia region, city Balakliia, ...
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