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Berestechko - starovynneukrayinske city that is in Gorokhivska region Volyn region. The area of ​​the town is 1.98 miles. square., and the population is 1,796 people, according to data from January 1, 2011.

History Berestechko closely linked to ancient cities Peremylem, the first mention of which dates back to June 1, 1097, and which was destroyed during the Mongol invasion in 1240-ies. The first mention of Berestechko as a separate settlement dates back as June 1, but the 1445 year, and Magdeburg Law Berestechko already received in 1547. The climate in temperate continental with gentle winters and warm summers.

Berestechko is known to all Ukrainian tragic event Linked with this settlement, namely the defeat of Ukrainian troops in 1651 from the Polish noble army, which took place in the Ukrainian National Revolution 1648-1676 gg This event devoted museum "Cossack Graves", which Plyasheva in the village, near Berestechko and how this battle took place much closer to the village. Plyasheva Rivne region than to Berestechko Volyn region. In the early twentieth century began commemorate memory of the fallen in the Battle of Cossacks Berestechko. Important role in this case played Pochaivskiy Archimandrite Fr. Vitaly (Maximenko), who in 1908 began a large propaganda work to perpetuate the memory of Cossacks who died in battle. In the years 1910-1914 continued construction of the Church of St. George, which culminated in a solemn Divine Liturgy was held May 2, 1914. Memorial Church has osoblyvuformu. Outside we see a magnificent and monumental, zavershenymp'yatma domes and gold crosses. Unusual forms the facade of the church established in a large, filled with homogenous arch. Narrow, vydovzhenivverhvikna tadveri two small balconies on either side arkyroblyat temple building much slimmer. St George's Church was designed for festive celebrations for the dead in Berestetska battle, which, after the manner of Archimandrite Vitaliyapovynni bulyvidbuvatysya each year in the ninth Friday after Velykodnya.Hostyam memorial should pay attention to the interior of the church, namely the works of fine art, that are part of the exhibit. Painting George Church performed the famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Izhakevych. Icons "Golgotha", "Holy Face", "Jesus Christ," "Lady," "Job Pochaivskiy", "George Winner" and 11 bas-relief paintings on Cossack subjects who were in niches murovanu walls are painted by a talented artist. In the city Berestechko there are numerous monuments of architecture, which should be inspected, including Holy Trinity Cathedral, which were built in 1910 and completed in 1930, which has been renovated by the independent Ukraine. Also important architectural monument is the Holy Trinity church, built by some data in 1711, and according to other data in 1765. Also, interesting monuments irrespectively history is old Polish cemetery and estates Rinchynskoho Prince and Prince Pronsk needing restoration.

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