Vacation in Shatsk

Shatsk - This town, which is located in the Volyn Oblast and is a famous resort center in Ukraine.Population - 5370 persons (2011).Known throughout Ukraine resort and recreation center.Area of 5.75 square kilometers of the village.It is located about 17 km from the Polish border and about 11 km from the border with Belarus.Shatsk is located in the western part of the picturesque Polesie and affects all its natural beauty.

The main attraction of this picturesque village is definitely Shatsky lakes, of which there are about 30, the largest of which is Svitiaz, Pulemetske, Luke Liutsymer, sand.With its beautiful natural landscape, a large mosaic of vegetation, solid wood, and typical areas warm temperate and m 'where climate, this area attracts tourists from all over Ukraine.

For the protection of rare natural complexes near Shatskykh lakes in 1983 was created Shatsky National Park, an area of 32 500 hectares.In the park there are 56 species of rare and endangered plants, 29 species are listed in the "Red Book of Ukraine."In addition, 27 species of plants in the area are listed in the "Red Book of Belarus."

The combination of the many lakes in forests, Poliskiy original flavor, diversity of flora and fauna, a well-developed transportation network contributed to the development of recreation in this beautiful part of the Western Polesie.On the shores of lakes and placement pensions, recreation, sports and children's camps and a number of small camping.In recent years, the park by the International Song Festival "Waves Svityazya."

Svitiaz Lake is the largest among all Shatskykh lakes and deepest lake Ukraine.The lake covers an area of 2.75 hectares and coastline of the lake is about 30 km.The lake is an island with an area of ​​approximately 7 hectares. It is located in the central part of the reservoir. The lake water is crystal clear and sunny day on the bottom can be seen kilkametroviy
depth. Holidays in Svityaz - ideal for family holidays and for leisure with friends. Almost along the entire shoreline of the lake forests grow. The air is cleaner here than anywhere else, and the summer you can gather blueberries, blackberries or mushrooms. Also, this place is a great place for fishermen.

Also in Shatsk there are many opportunities for recreation. Offers hiking and biking tours, horseback riding.Also, you can rent a boat or catamaran and make an unforgettable trip lake. For lovers of extreme sports is the opportunity to try windsurfing or kayaking swim.

Best time to travel to Shatsk is of course summer, because at this time of year, you can fully enjoy all the benefits of recreation on the lakes. However, charming nature and clean air attracts tourists throughout the year.