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Cape Aya

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Crimea, Balaklava district
N: 44.428754
E: 33.648878
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Aya - Cape on the southern coast of Crimea in the south-east of Balaklava. The name comes from the Greek. Αγια, which translates as Holy. On top of a rocky promontory traces of the building, which could be the lighthouse or church. It is the latest and associated name.

Cape is a sheer precipice Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains to the Black Sea. The highest peak of Cape Aya - Koki rock-Kiya ("blue rock") height of 558.5 meters

To the east of Cape located Balaclava Bay, followed by Cape Balaclava, north-west - the tract Ayazma a small bay at the foot of ascetics and serfs, then - Cape George. Rocks Cape Aya made ​​by upper marble-like limestone. Hillsides are covered with a relict Mediterranean woodland.

At the heart of the Cape is grottos. Part of the cape used by sailors of the Imperial Russian Black Sea fleet for naval guns zeroing. Still on the rocks traces of blows nuclei.

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