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Crimea, city Sevastopol
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Chersonese - ancient Greek city-state in the southwestern part of Crimea (within Sevastopol).

Chersonese was founded 422-421 years BC. BC Greek people from the Pontic Heraclea as a Greek colony on the northern coast of the Black Sea and in ancient times was an important trade, craft and political center of the south-west coast of the Crimea. Chersonesos is located in the southwestern part of Crimea, near Quarantine Bay within the modern city of Sevastopol. The oldest archaeological finds in the Chersonese - debris chornofihurnoyi ceramics - dating from the VI century BC. E. According to Strabo, near Chersonesos were another city, which Strabo calls the ancient Chersonesus, which may give a name for the Chersonese.

Trade Chersonese was mainly intermediary.

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