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Attendance: 1848 raise

Church of Elijah the Prophet

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Crimea, city Sudak, village Sun Valley
N: 44.87548
E: 35.10095
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It is the oldest of the existing churches Crimea : the time of its construction dates back to IX-XII centuries. The temple stands on a hill in the center of the village, next to the bus stop . St. Elias church differs from the modern church not only for its architecture but also unusual seat of his location. See this ancient temple is of three stone slabs and tightly adjacent to the east wall of the church, so it can not get around it around . The door to the church, located in the south wall is so low that is sure to have to bend down . Because of this, some people call it the " door of humility ." A large stone over the entrance door is decorated with five rosettes carved with Greek crosses, but today they are barely noticeable. Sunlight enters the church through two small windows rather resemble vents . They are located on the eastern and western walls. During excavations at the temple found fragments of masonry on clay "in the tree ." This suggests that the site of today's church, before the tenth century, there was a more ancient church.

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