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Church of St. Anthony in Gorodok

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city Gorodok, Khmelnytsky region. Located on the river canyon.
N: 49.164869
E: 26.578304
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Saint Stanislav Church was built in 1788. He belonged to the order of Franciscans. Then in the temple in the Town of Kamenetz-Podolsk postponed the well-known icon of Saint Anthony of Padua with the infant Jesus in her arms, who came to Ukraine in 1404 by the monks of the order.

In 1833 the order left the Town. The Church began to serve for the arrival of the Catholics and Uniates. The Catholic community in the Town existed until 1935. And one of the nights 1936 Communists blew up all the churches and a synagogue of the XVI century in the city. Priests were exiled to Siberia. The same miraculous icon was saved.

The watchman of the Church carved main fragment of the canvas, on which were depicted the faces of St. Anthony and of Christ, and managed to take her out of the ruined temple.

Saint Stanislav Church was reconstructed only in 1989 by the parishioners on the site of the chapel, overcoming the resistance of the Communist regime. The sample was taken in the Church of the Polish army in Warsaw.

St.Stanislav served by the order of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the blessed virgin Mary. Is the only Church which managed to restore rather build during the Communist occupation regime.

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