Palace Dahovskykh - unrecognized jewel Cherkashchyna


Palace Dahovskykh - great beauty castle located in the village of Leskov, Monastyrischensky in Cherkasy region. The village, which is the palace, has a population of about 800 people.According to legend, the founder of the village was famous Cossack - Lesko Faryba.Originally it was a small farm, which later grew into zamitne poslennya.

In the early 19th century owners Leskov were many immigrants from Poland. They also have owned many other villages in Ukraine. They began to build a palace for their needs. Family Dahovskyh were real Anglomaniac, British bred stallions. The name of the architect who led the construction of the palace, unfortunately, history is not preserved.

Over the life of the family Dahovskyh created in Leskov oasis.At one time, the palace, was considered the most beautiful and the most exquisite estate in central Ukraine.

Family Dahovskyh terribly disliked n 'yanstvo and debauchery.Since his time, the early 20th century, he opened a tea called "Society sober."In setting free tea and handing out sweets, advocating a sober lifestyle.

In Soviet times, the palace suffered hard times. The house opened tsukrotrestu center of Kiev, then the estate was turned into a pensioner camp in World War II in the palace functioned military sanatorium, has long served as a staff house medications.

With the independence of Ukraine, the palace served as a military warehouse. So the palace during its existence simply to survive in extreme conditions.

Currently this building with indoor access. The government does not care about the welfare of the palace. To get to the palace is very difficult, but k race building still fascinating.Numerous towers of the palace breathtaking medieval inter Premier nice to have zavorozhyt.And often just surprised that Leskov - this is a village with a broken road to it.

The future of the palace is a big question. We and our website urging people not to be indifferent to the historical monuments of reach of the Ukrainian people.Dahovskyh Palace is a prime example neglect Ukrainian culture, but we believe in the truth and please respond nebuyduzhyh to help in the restoration of cultural monuments of Ukraine attractions.